GOOGLE is the shit

Over Christmas break I watched a special on Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the creators of Google, on I believe it was 60 minutes. For those of you who don't know Google began as a research project in the 90s when Page and Brin were Ph.D. candidates at Stanford. They both dropped out of school to start Google which is now worth $50 Billion in stock and Page and Brin are worth $7.2 Billion each. They clearly have a monopoly on search satisfying an estimated 80% of search requests everyday. Bill Gates and his Microsoft empire recently declared war on them after losing an attempt to buy them out and now has released his own version of MSN search.

The fact that two 31 year old guys, who look like they could still be in school, are knocking heads with the richest man in the history of the planet instantly brings them a certain factor of likeability. Their dedication to innovation is awesome and their business model is very 'consumer' friendly.

I say it is consumer friendly because all of their 'products' search, news, and email are free to use. They do not make their dough off the average Joe, rather they create incredibly useful tools that create tons of traffic. Where there is tons of traffic big dollar corporations will pay to be. So essentially, the people get state of the art technology for free and Google floats the bill to the Big Wig Corporations.

Since dominating search they have continued to grow with things like Google News ( which keeps an up to the minute page of news sources around the web and automatically arranges them to present the most relevant news first in an objective neutral way. In a day when it seems all of our news is being spun to satisfy the bias of the broadcaster this becomes a very valuable resource.

They also have broken into email in a big way with Gmail. They give you over 2 gigabytes of storage which is the best among free email accounts to my knowledge.

They have promised a future in Text Messaging offering countless amounts of information anywhere your phone can travel. Soon you will be able to get up to the second Stock prices off the ticker by TMing 46645(GOOGL) with the ticker symbol.

But their coolest technology yet which they released last Monday is Google Maps ( Google bought Keyhole who owns the rights to Satellite photographs of EVERYWHERE in the United States. This thing is the coolest toy ever. I could spend an entire day thinking of places in the US to view. The default for everyone is your home address. After a quick search and a couple seconds of orienting yourself and zooming in you can find a birds eye view of your house from what seems like a few hundred feet. Baseball and Football stadiums look badass.

Google hopes to update the images so that all areas will have an image taken in the past 6 months. And its not only satellite maps, they also do directions and their search is much more advanced than any other.

Move over Mapquest, the Google boys are coming through.



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