Mavs Ain’t Done Yet

I was watching the Mavs game last night and afterwards I was feeling pretty good about where they stand in their series with the Suns. IN FACT, I think it is possibly the best scenario considering drawing about the worst cards possible.

Coming off a 7 game emotional energy draining series and having to go play the best team in the NBA touting the newly named MVP on their court WITHOUT a travel day, a team that loves to push the ball and wear teams out with their transition offense scoring more points in the regular season than any team in the past 10 years, I'd say its the best case scenario that this is now a best of 5 series with the Mavs having home court.

The thing with the Mavs is they are so deep. On any given night Terry, Howard, Stackhouse, Finley, or Dirk can take advantage of a mismatch and take over the game putting up 30+. And what is even more amazing, Dirk hasn't come to play like we know Dirk to play in any of the 9 playoff games so far. Yea he hit the gamewinner in Game 2 but he had been very quiet in the second half of that game. In the past I became frustrated with Dirk because when he is the focal point of the offense he doesn't put forth any effort on D and he is lazy on the boards. Alot of times it seems like he gives up more points than he scores. But for the Mavs to win this series, Dirk really needs to get hot. It's too hard going into every game against the highest scoring team in a decade not knowing who the offense is going to go to.

Everyone is talking about how improved the Mavs D is. In the past the Mavs have played the most pathetic defense ever so it really isn't too hard to improve on that. That being said it must be their half court defense is improved because in the transition game they look confused and give up way too many easy layups and dunks.

A note to Avery Johnson. Make Finley and Stackhouse guard Stoudamire. Dampier- your series is over, thanks for playing. Amare is way too quick and athletic for either Dampier or Dirk to guard, they'll just both get into foul trouble. Fin and Stack are both a little bit undersized but they have done a much better job than Dampier not to mention Dampier is a waste of space on the other end of the court.

If the Mavs go on a run, why not put in Armstrong to staulk Nash. In Game 7 Armstrong was all over Mikes James like a nat and shut him down. Steve Nash is very similar to James in creating offense with his quick slashing style, why not give Armstrong a chance to slow him down.

All this being said cheer for the Mavs. If you are from Dallas cheer for the Mavericks. If you are a Texan hope for another all Texas Western Conference Final. If you are an American, root for the underdog. The Mavs are in great position with home court in a 5 game series going back to Dallas with no travel day.



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