Herbstreit Picks Texas A&M

Many of you know of Kirk Herbstreit the insightful, obejective college football analyst who works on ESPN's College Gameday set. Usually Herbstreit is very good in his analysis of games and even in his week to week picks. But his preseason predictions are usually aweful so it is fitting he picked Texas A&M to win the Big 12. Texas A&M is a solid football team no doubt. But they are not going to win this conference. They are not even going to win their division although I guess that kinda goes along with not winning the conference.

First off, I like Franchione's style of ball. The Aggies play very disciplined football and don't make the mistakes that give games away. Last year they gave the ball away less than nearly anyone in the country. Reminds me alot of Parcells style football. A lot of Aggies think this year holds a lot of potential. That is where I disconnect. A&M had some positives last year but they had a lot of negatives. They start the season off getting creamed by Utah. They lose to Texas and OU. Barely edging out Tech AT HOME in OT. Lose to Baylor. Get stomped by Tennessee in their own backyard.

There are some positives. They will be in year 3 with Fran. Reggie will be a senior and everyone else will be a year older. But then you look forward and look at the schedule. Although they were able to weasel their way out of the Utah game I still don't see how they can improve on last year's 3rd place(7-4) finish in the regular season. Lets break it down.

Loss #1
Texas: "t.u." and Mack Brown absolutely own A&M even at Kyle so it would definetely be a huge upset for them to win this game.

Loss #2
@ OU: OU lost a lot of talent and there are a lot of new faces but thats where all those years of great recruiting classes kick in. No way A&M reverses the 77-0 defeat in two years time.

Loss #3, #4 (They will lose 2 of these 4)
@Tech(It's been nearly a decade since A&M has won up there), @Colorado, @Clemson, @Kansas State

So to have a better season than last year they would have to win 3 of these 6 games not to mention take care of business against all the shoe ins(SMU, Texas State, Baylor, Oklahoma St, and Iowa St) something they did not do a year ago. To win the conference they would have to 1)win all the shoe ins 2)win all 4 road games against the tier 2 Big 12 teams 3) beat UT or OU. Having the same record and finish as last year is doable. Having a better record is stetching it. The @Clemson game won't count for or against their conference standing so they will really have to win 2 of the 3 road tier 2 games for the conference standings. Throw in the fact that the last three games of the schedule are @TTU, @OU, and then Texas, this prediction is absurd.

Just because A&M is set to have a good year doesn't mean everyone else is going to sit around and watch. Texas and Tech both have the best teams they have had in a long time. OU lost a lot but they are still a top 10 team. I do think there are going to be some shake ups in the Big 12 this year. OU will lose one game, and exactly one game, to either Texas, Tech, or A&M. Texas A&M simply has too many games on the road and everyone else is too good for them to win this conference.

If you ask me this is Herbstreit's way of expressing his frustration with the fact that Texas is going to whip his beloved Buckeyes in their own backyard.


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