Week 1 Games and Non Conference Scheduling

Quick Notes:
I am glad that things are going to get going in a hurry this season. It seems that in years past the first month of games college football serves nothing but appetizers. This year we get to the real meet from the get go.

Florida St vs Miami
Miami at #8 preseason? You must be kidding me. Quick whoever can name Miami's QB gets $1,000. Nobody? Come on… $2,000! Okay… Exactly what I mean, who the hell is Scott Wright . I follow a lot of recruiting and watch a lot of games but I have never even heard of this guy. Yet they are a top 10 team? Give me Ohio State, Iowa, and both Florida teams before Miami. FSU will set Miami in their place from Day 1.

Boise State at Georgia
Quite possibly the second biggest non-conference game of the year that is not played annually. Throw out the bowl games, the Louisville-Miami matchups, and whatever else. This game will be a telltale sign that shows if the top midmajors can hang with the big guys. Last year all the controversy about Utah and Boise State being undefeated yet deserving of BCS bowl games will be settled here. I am sick of midmajors walking through their bogus schedules and then wanting to compare themselves against the top teams in the country. If Boise State can go into Athens and beat Georgia between the hedges, I will give them their due credit. My biggest thing is nonconference schedule.

The one thing you can control in you schedule is who you sign up to play you nonconference games. If you play in a tough conference and a handful of your conference games are solid opponents, congratulations you had no control over that. This is exactly what happened to Auburn last year. They scheduled cupcake teams and then at the end of the year they tried to claim they did all they could do.

If you are a midmajor TCU, Utah, Boise State, whoever, don't even try to talk big unless you have a top team on your nonconference schedule. Last year I had more respect for Louisville than I did for Boise State or Utah. They went down and played Miami IN Miami and took them to the brink. That was the only game they lost and they went on to beat Boise State in their bowl game. Thats the way to prove something. Fresno State is the other. They'll jump at the chance to play any of the big guys. This year they play at USC. In the past two years they have played Kansas State, Washington, Tennessee, Oregon, and Oklahoma in non conference games.

I am glad to see that some of these teams are doing what they need to do to prove themselves while I am getting sick of the others who do nothing and sit around and whine about it.



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