Hey Slovenia

There is a feature you can enable that allows people to comment on your blogs. I left it on not thinking it would ever be used. Well it has been used in response to my blog about kickers:

hey, first of all, i just signed up to this blogger so that i can comment on your nonsense.

I mean cmon man..u r that big fan of footbal (american) that it clearly messes with ur mind.

Its not just me, but i think that ppl like u (students, youth and such from america) that r so obssesed with something so puny like some friggin footbal…by the way, why do u call it football anyway? Most of the time u r just running with ball in hands so why football? Soccer on the other hand is played entirely with foot…so why do u have to call it soccer? i mean u all must be so into ur self (dont wanna insult or anything 🙂 but cmon man. And whats with all that assumptions, if something is like that, than everything is like that, u r student on a respected univeristy (i am wondering if thats the case) and if not anything else, u should have had ur mind cleard, but as u r saying…sportsmen r not really that smart or in ur case sportfans…those u should be worrying about (but u r clearley one of them…I say this base on ur post, not anything else)

All i wanted to do is comment to ur way of writing,posting, thinking, assuming…in this particular post about NFL or smtg.

Oh and i am also a student, from europe (if u know where that is), from a place u most certanly dont know. A little country called Slovenia. How did i stumble across ur blog?…pure coincident.

I hope ur studying is going well, ull need that. U r a part of knowledge society, with high percent of ppl with almost zero knowledge ( i wonder why) so iam thinking u must be ok overall 😀

have a nice time…and best regards from Slovenia.

P.S.: Try finding Slovenia on a map…i dare u :hehe, joke.

I won't even take cheap shots at your horrible use of the English language. Why do Americans love to hate soccer? Other countries are so baffled that the most sports obsessed country hates the world's most famous sport. I don't know that there is just one answer. I have heard numerous.
-Americans are so consumed with the Big 3, Basketball, Baseball, and Football that there is not room for a fourth.
-Scheduling works out for the Big 3 so that one season rolls into the other
-Americans don't necessarily love sport, they love entertainment and soccer is too boring. There is too much walking around and too little scoring. The game is to biased towards the defense. Imagine every week a football(American) game that was 0-0 after 90 minutes of play and then the winner was decided by each team kicking extra points until one missed.
-Americans like nonstop action
-Soccer is a weeney sport. Too many guys taking dives trying to get calls. Too many guys getting hurt in a nonviolent game. And what the hell is that cure all magical spray? Come on now…
-Soccer has weak college and professional leagues
-International team competition doesn't do it for Americans

I don't know that any of these reasons are THE answer. And I don't want to hear this argument that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. I bet rice isn't your favorite food! Why the hell not? It's the most popular food in the world. In modern society we go for things above just the most simple. I think the answer lies in the same reason why Euros tried to resist football and basketball. Its just not us. I know a few Americans, not many but a few, who claim to like soccer and defend it. But I do not know a single person who watches it or actually follows it.

We love sports just the same as you focus your love on your one sport. But guess what? Communism is dieing. Democracy and Capitalism are the new fad and freedom and the idea of having choices are shtick. This is why NFL Europe is blowing up. This is why European Basketball leagues are blowing up. You've blindfolded the innocent too long in an attempt to preserve your precious sport. The fans are trying to scream for help too. Don't you think there is a reasonable explanation why so many people riot at these soccer games? I'd be pretty mad too if that was my only source for sport. $100 ticket to sit around for 90 minutes and see two teams jog around to a 0-0 tie? Molotov Cocktails everywhere.

What do you really want, us to respect your beloved game of soccer to the point where we attempt to compete? Would you really rather be respected and dominated rather than disrespected and left to your own devices? Be careful what you ask for. Americans are loving people who are attempting to not contribute to your denial and depression. So, Slovenia, for your sake, we'll just stick to the Big 3: Football, Baseball, and Basketball while mixing in Hockey, NASCAR, golf, and tennis. After all we're just trying to make the world a better place.



2 Responses to “Hey Slovenia”

  1. n0aru Says:

    Thank you for not taking cheap shots, I havent study it…but ive learnt it, i guess it could be much better but what the heck.

    Well i think u misunderstood my comment…but i must let u know, that i dont even watch soccer, i was just commenting on your way of giving a critism, like kikers dont have brain or something like that. Yeah and more show the better. Like it was on that dark day for NBA, when fans fought wiht NBA players (Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons)…but you got that one right, about soccer fans, thats why i dont even watch it.

    P.S. Oh and we never had comunism in our country 😉

    P.S.S. Lets not get into peace loving country thing ;), cause iam somewhat of a defender of ur country but on a whole another thing

    Have a great time 🙂

  2. rachel Says:

    i like suv\’s only. i heard the mini van is dead at ford and chevy.

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