12th Man Garbage

PTI is probably my favorite show and arguably the best sports show ever. I've been watching for years and to my knowledge they have never discussed Texas A&M or any of the ignorance, until now. This whole situation claiming they have a trademark on the 12th man is ridiculous. Wilbon went on a rant calling the Aggies insufferable, arrogant, and stupid and said that someone needs to go down to ATM and tell them all to shut up. Way to make your way into the news Texas A&M.

Jim Rome blasted them as well on his show Rome is Burning saying this about the situation:

"Now there's a fight worth having. Apparently someone, somewhere actually cares about this. Look, A&M I feel ya. I know you think you own it BUT, it'd be a lot easier to get with you if you won more games than you lost, something that has only happened once in the past four years.

THE 1920s?!? Isn't that about the last time that football program actually mattered? Listen, if Seahawk fans start jamming their tongues down each other's throats after every score then yes you would have an argument. Then I'd be willing to listen to your 'They're stealing our identity' claims. But until I actually see Seahawk fans having sex in the stands, like I do Aggie fans, then I am going to have to give them the benefit of the doubt."

Who are you going to sue next Aggies? The Steelers for waving their Terrible Towels? Banks for setting up ATMs?

What arrogance to think that people in Seattle have even heard of Texas A&M much less envied them enough to ignore a copyright and steal something. And what a great sense of humor claiming the Super Bowl is between the Steelers and the Stealers. The Seahawks have been raising that 12th man flag for over 20 years but you wait til Super Bowl week to file a law suit. Give me a break.

It drives me crazy to think that Aggies really think they invented these things and that they consider them traditions. These 'traditions' are just frauds. Everyone considers their fans the 12th man. Basketball teams refer to their fans as the 6th man. Again this is not special to Texas A&M. This is not a tradition. The only difference is the 12th man standing at a Texas A&M game is qualified to play because their team is that weak.

And while I'm on the subject another bogus tradition is this thing that Aggies stand the whole game. No they don't, the students do but the alumni don't. This isn't special. Find me one college student section, wait… no, find me one high school student section where the students don't stand. Inventing standing while excited at a football game? What a crock



One Response to “12th Man Garbage”

  1. philip Says:

    pat riley has “three-peat” trademarked. and that hasn’t been around nearly as long as the 12th man. you can be as pissed off as you want, but if you want to use 12th man, you have to pay for it.

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