The switchover to WordPress

So I decided to switch blog publishing systems from Google owned Blogger to WordPress. There are some new features that I think are pretty cool…

First thing you may notice is that from the home page the blogs are listed in chronological order similar to the Blogger format but they give only a one paragraph preview of the blog. I like this format alot. With the old format readers were not as inclined to scroll to a blog that sounded interesting as they were to either read the most recent blog if it sounded interesting or leave the blog all together.

The second feature is that it allows comments from non-users i.e. you don't need a user name to comment. This may open up the blog to more anonymous spam type comments that Mark Cuban calls splog but I have the ability to edit that out.

Other features are the ability to categorize blogs. On the right hand toolbar there is a list of categories with a link to a page that filters those blogs. The toolbar also incorporates a search bar for the blog. It is also enabled to support an RSS feed although I probably don't blog enough for that to be practical. I also have the ability to upload files. So for the blog on Texas Football Revenue I could have uploaded an excel file with that breakdown instead of that ghetto chart I attempted to make using tabs.

If you have any feedback on the new format feel free to use the new anonymous comment tool although I would prefer comments not be anonymous.



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