NFL Draft and VY

Dear NFL GMs,

With the NFL draft a little over a week away I have some thoughts. I will focus mostly on my thoughts around Vince Young. This year’s criticism of Vince Young is not unique to Vince Young. Every year before the draft people totally forget about how a player performed on the football field and they start making crazy decisions based on crazy criteria. I’ve always thought if you are an NFL GM you should make up your mind on football players on January 4th because by the time April rolls around you will have been distracted by a bunch of nonsense and you will have forgotten how a player performs on the field.

Running an NFL Offense
Back in the 90s the internet was blowing up. Some businesses resisted it and some embraced it. The ones who embraced it laughed all the way to the bank. Vince Young is the NFL quarterback version of the internet. You can resist it if you want to but if you do you will get left in the dust. Adapting to the internet forced businesses to change the way they did things. Their strategies became different but the internet also created a ton of freedom to do things that had never been done. The criticism that Vince Young can’t run a current NFL offense is missing the point. Vince Young is the new NFL. Not only that but let me remind you of this story. Two offseasons ago the Texas coaching staff made a trip up to Indianapolis to meet with the Indianapolis Colts’ Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore and his guys. Greg Davis developed a 3 wide receiver offense based on presnap reads and play action passes out of the gun. I don’t see anyone knocking Indianapolis for using this offense in the NFL. In fact they are busy rewriting the record books on the offensive side of the ball. The difference between the Colts offense and the Longhorn offense is that because of Vince there were a lot more designed runs for the quarterback. That only opens things up more. The last time Vince was on a football field he was tearing up a defense full of future NFL players constructed by a former successful NFL defensive coordinator.

Going Under Center

What I don’t understand about all this talk that Vince won’t be able to go under center is that going out of the shotgun is supposed to be harder than going under center anyways. When Michael Irvin’s career was ended Troy Aikman no longer had that automatic guy to go to on third down. Chan Gailey tried to get Aikman to go to the gun on third downs but he couldn’t do it. When you go under center you can look at the defender you are reading and you don’t have to look away during your drop. In the shotgun you have to look away from the defense to catch that ball and then regain your sites.

Throwing Motion

Another criticism is of Vince’s obviously non-conventional throwing motion. Before the Tech game last year I read an interview with Tech coach Mike Leach and he talked about how he would love having Vince in the Tech system because he had such a quick release. He added that if given the chance he wouldn’t change a thing about his throwing motion. Every person in the NFL, coaches, scouts, you name it, have said they wouldn’t change a thing about the throwing motion. From now on notice the only people who talk about it are in the media or fans who didn’t watch how effective Vince has been with that throwing motion. If it doesn’t bother the guys making the decision and it has a proven track record then to me it is a non-issue.

Wonderlic Test

Getting back to the issue of people making decisions forgetting what a player does on the field let me throw in my two cents on this whole Wonderlic test. If you are sitting there on your computer reading this blog and you can honestly say you had heard of the Wonderlic test before February raise your hand. If you are raising your hand you are lieing! I liken it to the chick who showboated in the Olympics and crashed in the snowboard cross. People were outraged but honestly who really cares. That morning less than one percent of Americans had even heard of snowboard cross and now they are piling on this girl. If Mack Brown would have refused Vince a scholarship out of high school because of a Wonderlic score he would be kicking himself in the ass today and if NFL people are that ignorant they too will never forgive themselves.

He’s not Michael Vick”
Vince is a little bit different type of quarterback than Michael Vick. Actually I think Vince is a lot more comparable to Randall Cunningham. People love to harp on the fact that Vince is not as fast as Michael Vick. Besides the fact that this statement is totally unfounded you’re comparing apples to oranges. Trying to track down Michael Vick is like trying to catch a squirrel. Trying to track down Vince Young is like trying to tackle a deer. It doesn’t really matter which one is faster they’re both practically impossible. The deer isn’t quite as quick but it’s a lot more load to bring down.

GMs, take yourselves back to Pasadena. Vince Young and LenDale White were the top players of the game over ESPNs obvious choice of Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. But now people are tripping over a Wonderlic test and a 40 time. Vince Young isn’t a great football player because he is a great written test taker and White isn’t great because he is a speed demon. Forget trying to find the perfect metric to measure these college guys and get in the film room. For you old timers who may not be too technology savvy here are some YouTube videos of VY.

The Texas Passion
Vince highlight Video

Vince being Vince
Pick Vince Young

My prediction is Vince will go to either the Jets at #4 or the Raiders at #8. If I were a betting man, which I am, I would put my money on the Raiders. Which means #10 is going to have that much more juice (see Randy Moss v Dallas) everytime he lines up against Houston, New Orleans, Tennessee, Green Bay, and San Francisco for the rest of his career. But those five unemployed GMs will be able to tell their grandkids some day about how poorly Vince scored on some test they used to give college players long ago at the NFL Combine.



One Response to “NFL Draft and VY”

  1. Billy Ray Says:

    This blog is a piece of shit. I bet you like to go under center with your boyfriend. Vince’s quick release sure helped you fuckers when you layed that goose egg in Dallas a couple years ago. The Randy Moss and Vince duo will be great. Moss will be the number one receiver and Young will be the slot receiver.

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