Manu Ginobli is a chump

Off the top of my head I can not think of a player that annoys me more than Manu Ginobili. Watching him play makes me genuinely angry. The Spurs-Mavs rivalry is really coming to blossom in this playoff series but Ginobili ruins it for me. See I respect the Spurs, their coach, their players, and their three championships but I have absolutely no respect for Manu Ginobili. Players like Ginobili will ruin the NBA and American sports in general.

There are athletes in sports I don't/haven't liked: Terrell Owens, Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, but Manu Ginobili takes the cake. Other athletes may involve themselves in antics or allow themselves to be coaxed into making cocky statements in the media. For those reasons I dislike certain players but for me with Ginobili its more than dislike its a loss of respect. Before I wrote this blog I did a quick Ice Rocket search to take the temperature of the Blogosphere on this specific topic and I found that I'm not the only one who feels this way. (1,2,3,4)

For some reason a lot of international sports (read soccer) feel that flopping has a place in the sports world. In my opinion its horrible sportsmanship but I'll admit that excuse sounds kind of weenie. Its more than that, its the fact that you are trying to manipulate officials which is especially easy to do in the NBA (more to come on this in a future blog) because you can't get it done . In a pick up game Manu Ginobili would be last picked because his secret weapon would be nullified.

Early this year the Sun's Barbosa was out 3 weeks with a grade 2 knee sprain because he got tripped up after Ginobili flailed when there was absolutely no contact. Barbosa complained to the media after the game but how he resisted losing his temper and going nuts of Manu right there on the court I don't know. It's one thing to manipulate the situation to get a call but its something else to hurt somebody because of it. Sooner or later Ginobili is going to get what's coming to him. I found that karma caught up with him when he was called for a foul when his lip was busted in Game 3 drawing blood.

Now Ginobili has this commercial out that is one of the I Love This Game NBA commercials. Notice three things. First when he is driving Wallace jumps up to contend the take to the hoop but what he doesn't know is that Ginobili has no intention of putting up a shot. Ginobili pushes off Wallace with his right arm forcing his own body to the floor. This is a six foot six inch man who can dunk but does not clear 6 inches on this peculiar jump. The second thing to notice is that at the end of the clip all the players seem to be walking to the other end of the court as if the play was ruled an offensive foul on Ginobili. Third a quote from Confuscious is read and then flashed on the screen that says "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall". I think that is a misquote. What Confuscious meant to say is "Manu's greatest hypocrisy is not in always flopping but in rising every time he flops."

The NBA refs have grown a little bit smarter, I know shocking, but now when they see it there is sometimes just a no call. The NHL had this problem about ten years ago when all of the Euros started coming over taking dives left and right. The way they corrected it was they started making it a major penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and two in one game gets you ejected. The NBA ought to start accessing a Technical Foul to Ginobli for this nonsense.



10 Responses to “Manu Ginobli is a chump”

  1. Tony Says:

    All i have to say is that you have no clue what you are talking about.Manu is one of the best players in the NBA hands down.The way that guy plays is outstanding and i dont see how you can make this whole page just to criticize his game.

  2. Nick Fey Says:

    Whatever dude. San Antonio would have won if it hadn’t been for those jerk refs. There’s no way the Mavs will beat the Heat.

  3. Craig Schafer Says:

    Dude you’re a tool for criticizing Manu. There are a number of players in the NBA who flop. Manu is among the best in the NBA. The entire Spur team is great because they know the true meaning of team ball. And it all starts with Manu and the other European players you like to bash. Having Europeans in the NBA is a great thing because they’re the best shooters in the world, not to mention hard working. Look what happened in the Olympics. Manu is a true champion. Besides, these Europeans know how to play the game of basketball. In other words, it’s not just about dunking and shooting three pointers. Rather, it’s about playing as a team and taking the best shot possible. Today, we have too much street ball in the NBA, and that’s just ridiculous. If you want to find someone to bash on, it should be on our American players because there the ones who have a problem playing as a team and playing fundamental. I’m not saying all of the teams have this problem (Spurs especially don’t have this problem), but most do.

  4. V Says:

    Dude ur a dumbass

  5. manu fan Says:

    whatever ,your the chump Ginobili is better than you anyway if your the big shot tell him face to face

  6. Eddie Says:

    I agree with the post. He flops so much it is annoying. All the repliers are just die-hard Spurs fans, who will hate Manu whenever he gets traded and flops against the Spurs. Manu is a chump, so are all these posters for not seeing it and attacking you for expressing how annoying it is to all the rest of the non-Spurs fanatics. I hate flopping!

  7. Andy Says:

    I completely agree.

    He’s no doubt a decent player, but DANGEROUS on the court.

    Last night (2/2/07), the Spurs played (and lost to) the Suns. Ginobli drove the the basket and basically jumped KNEE-FIRST and kicked Omare Stoudamire directly in the nuts.

    I wish Ginobli would suffer a career-ending injury on one of his flops.

  8. celpjefscycle Says:

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  9. jesse Says:

    what ever chump and you Andy are a dumb ass for wanting any athelete to get a career ending injury….. Hope you suffer a career ending injury at what ever piddly ass job you have…

    Go SPurs Go
    and oh yes You go Manu!!!!!

  10. Amanda Says:

    you honestly have no idea what your talking about. Manu is one of the most, if not the most, passionate and competitive players out there in all the leagues. Hes a work of art, a graceful and fast player whose ego doesnt suffer from coming off the bench more then he starts. He’s phenominal. and andy, youre like death chewing on an onion. Your a chump for wishing that on any professional athlete who sacrifices their family, body, and mental health.

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