NBA Officials are ridiculous

I wanted to get this blog in before game 7 of Spurs-Mavs so in the extraordinary event that the Spurs do pull it off my points won't be labeled sore-loser. In fact I first decided to point out the deficiencies in the NBA's officiating after the Mavs went up 3-1. The fact is NBA officials are the worst officials of any league in any sport. They are taking the focus away from the players and I don't remember the NBA being like that growing up.

My man Mark Cuban has been fined numerous times for hundreds of thousands of dollars for pointing out how bad these guys suck and I can't blame him. If I invested a few hundred million dollars and officials weren't making the game fair I would be paranoid as well. Cuban decided to study and scout the refs and find tendencies in the way they operated. He breaks down their win-loss records and their tendencies to call offensive 3 seconds, defensive 3 seconds, offensive fouls, technical fouls, etc. Vegas has caught on. Sports handicappers have made the NBA the one and only league where the refs are taken into consider when making picks. has a database compiling NBA ref tendencies and how they do against the spread and the over/under.

Cuban recently got hammered for $200,000 in part for his blog on how the NBA could improve playoff officiating. In my opinion he didn't even get his moneys worth because his arguments are flawed. He frequently states that the game has made changes in the way it is officiated and is much better now than when he came into the league six years ago. I disagree, I don't remember the game ever being so horrible although I don't think that is a direct result of Cuban at all. Also in his plan for better playoff officiating he suggests using only the best refs. Well in this Mavs-Spurs series we've had some of the better refs Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford and every game has still been horrible. Its pathetic that the game has gotten to the point that officials are such a focus.

The fans are noticing too its not just crazy owners and degenerate gamblers. This round in games at both San Antonio and Miami the refs have chanted "Refs You Suck" to the point where you could here it on the telecast. The game is so inconsistently officiated that I feel like I know so little about sport when I watch it. Don't anger yourself as I do and slow motion replay drives to the basket because its travelling every time and they never are going to call it. Contact going to the basket is called so inconsistently. One time a guy will go to the rack and get slammed to the floor and nothing is called and the next trip down the court Duncan will get a three point play because Diop breathed on him. But it goes both ways, the Mavs got one on Bowen's phantom foul that sent Dirk to the line at the end of the game.

I don't know what the solution is. Hockey had a problem with officiating when they had 3 refs and they tried to solve it by adding a fourth. Maybe the NBA should add a fourth ref. Would that solve the problem? I don't know. But obviously something must be done.



12 Responses to “NBA Officials are ridiculous”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Thats so true. I actually heard the chanting one time and laughed my ass off.

  2. Dahn Says:

    I’m a Suns fan, but can never be an NBA fan. It’s such an aggrevating sport to watch when you’re team is playing against not only another basketball team but the refs too. How do you overcome that? Anyway’s i can’t believe that this view isn’t a huge thing. I mean how doesn’t everyone see it? It’s so plainly obvoius!

  3. defeat Says:

    All major sports officials are ridiculous. That’s how they get their jobs. If they were normal people they wouldn’t qualify.

  4. Docta'J Says:

    the last 3 games are worse than the officials cheating for the Steelers in the last Superbowl….and I wanted San Antonio to go for the ring.

    its a sad day in sports, really sad…..I guess cheaters do win

  5. Charles Stanley Harris Says:

    NBA officials are more and more determing the outcome of games. Just watch the fourth quarter of the Maverick-Heat games. Does anyone think they were fair. They are the mustard on Dwayne Wade’s hot dog. They have made him a superstar. He walks everytime he gets the ball in his possession and everytime he fouls someone they give him two shots. And all the time the Announcers are screaming WADE, WADE! Makes me want to take off my shoes and vomit! The only thing more unforigivable are the excuses they make for Shah’s bad play! He’s not to blame for a 3 second violation, his teammates should have passed him the ball! And then they call the Maverick players whiners. If you believe this take a look at the face of the heat player that accompanies every foul called on him. And Pat Riley is an A-Hole for the way he treated Stan Van Gundy. This does make you believe that nice guys finish last. I would like to go back to pre-Shah basketball before physical violence was make legal!

  6. sportsgirl Says:

    I realize this is old, but this is still going on. Watch the Pistons–it looks like the officials are trying to make them lose–and it’s worse when they are at home.

  7. Jimbo Says:

    NBA Official SUCK!!!!!! Phoenix and Golden State.

  8. Daniel Says:

    Right Then I just want to say that the nba refs are blind and suck they are easily the worst in any sport. I want to throw a rock at my tv screen when i see these calls refs should not determined the game with a call they should just sit back and let the better team win. Also the Hac a shaq rule is bull.

    that it i am real mad being a suns fan and being screwed by the NBA for 3 year in a row now

  9. Jack Says:

    I am sure I ma not the first to point out the NBA Emperor has no clothes. Let me, unlike the NBA Refs, get my bias out up front. I am a spurs fan, but I was embarrassed when in the 6th game at SA the Refs blatantly called fouls on NO 2 best players in rapid succession in the 3rd quarter for minor to non existent infractions. The Spurs did need the Refs help but it was obvious and consistent enough to be considered part of a bigger NBA plan.

    Perhaps this plan involved going the distance of 7 games which pump millions of dollars more per game into the NBA & owners pockets, perhaps for the best of reasons to help the depressed NO economy. However, it was not much fun to watch. I cannot play basketball with the big boys but I could adjust a game if I had the opportunity like the NBA Refs do, a non-call here, a stealth call there, 4 or 5 calls can result in a 10 to 15 point differential which evenly matched teams would find it difficult if not impossible to make up.

    Now let’s lift & peek under the gag rule probably in everyone’s contract with the NBA. Of course this might risk the neck of the golden goose which even sports writers are loathe to do. They might lose NBA access and thus their livelihood. Here it is; the great NBA revelation! The NBA playoffs have more to do with market share than basketball!

    Hopefully most of you are not surprised at that. But I must admit I was a bit surprised to see that the major portion of the NBA management involved, to include instructions to the Refs as a “top-down” enterprise. but even I should not be surprised since it involves just too much money to let a few under-talented & under-paid Refs decide who will win in the locker room before the game.

    Assuming I am correct, I wonder how many new champion shirts the NBA have already ordered for the 2008 playoffs? If market share is the longest pole in the tent, then the order must be for LA. If you think this is silly, think of the prices for such shirts and then multiply by the number of Jack Nickleson fanatics in LA willing to fork over the $50 + bucks per item for NBA gear. Now multiply that by the number of teams & you start to get the idea of the many millions we are talking about.

    You notice I have not even mentioned betting on the games. With so many millions hanging in the balance, do you think the mob will let the NBA have financial interests which differ from theirs? Either the NBA is informing the mob before the fact who will win, or we will see on CNN some accident to one or two of the movers & shakers of the NBA in the near future. I loathe the fact that Big Business (hold your finger to your nose) has eclipsed the sport of Basketball & that now the NBA Refs determine who wins when.

    I kind of hope we will have more Refs gambling & getting cross-ways with the mob. Then the real entertainment will start as we sports fans watch the news and see some Ref or NBA big-wig wake up with a horses head in their bed! Now that’s entertainment! I for one would like to see that, rather than a mundane auto accident. Not only would it be more entertaining; it just might provide the justice I seek after those stealth fouls & non-calls in the final seconds of the first game against LA!

  10. Rick Says:

    NBA is getting to be just like pro wrestling. The proof: the giant fines handed out for disagreeing with the referees! THE NBA IS A FRAUD!

  11. Coke La Rock Says:


  12. mike Says:

    I can’t believe that the NBA refs are above reproach…i.e. if a coach or player says anything negative about the officiating he is fined– there is no recourse or consequences to poor officiating. Any profession if not policed by an independent body will become worse with time. NBA officiating stinks. Inconsistancy is outrageous.I am a Jazz season ticket holder for 20 years and I see terrible calls made and missed by officials when the big named, high volume teams like the Lakers come to town. Little franchises like the Jazz will never stand a chance. The final game last night with the jazz being closed our was a prime example of very biased officiating. Gasol and Bynum in multiple replays we over the back of smaller Jazz defenders during rebounds…Like the NFL-I think a review of a critical call should be done and a time out can be taken away….why not, we have multiple cameras and we review shots for the time clock and three pointers thought to be on the line – why not one per half per team ….on request-

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