The other day I discovered a list that I wanted to see for a while now even though I didn’t even know it existed. That list was Business Week’s ranking of the 100 most innovative companies in the world. That list is important to me because innovation is what gives me juice. Outside-the-box type ideas that break rules are what get me going.


By Business Week’s measure Apple is the most innovative company in the world. My experiences with iTunes and other people’s iPods in combination with their new commercials are making me seriously consider making a Mac my next computer. The reasons not to? I haven’t used Macs before. Weak. They are different. Weak. I can’t think of a legit reason. iTunes and iPods are so Googleesque(who finished 2 by the way) in that they are so sleek, simple, and yet powerful.

The rest of the top ten went 3M, Toyota, Microsoft, General Electric, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, Starbucks, and IBM. The past two summers I have worked in the oil industry and this summer I am at General Electric. I can testify that it is a complete 180 degree difference in working for one of the top innovative companies as opposed to working in an industry with only one company BP (41) in the top 50.

I broke the top 50 companies down by industry to see if there were any trends there. Automotive, computer software, and telecommunications tied for the most with 5 each, retail had 4, and computer hardware had 3. Most all the companies are household names. The ones in the top 50 I didn’t recognize were IDEO, Research in Motion (they make the Blackberries but I didn’t know them by that name), Ryanair, Tesco, Danone, WL Gore & Associates, and Bang & Olufsen.

To me this list is more important in deciding a company to work for than an Forbes 500 list or list sorted by revenue or profit.



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