GE is my kind of company

I’ve been an intern at GE for almost two months now. I’ve met some great people, had some meaningful projects, and gotten to experience an area of the country that I hardly knew.

GE is my kind of company because they have a culture that embraces innovation, embraces change, embraces globalization, embraces Indian engineering, embraces Chinese manufacturing, embraces a coming of age 2 billion person customer base, embraces the digital age, embraces open source type technologies creating platforms for employee blogs, wikis, and forums, embraces DVR technologies creating advertising value that can only be experienced by those with DVRs (, embraces the world’s toughest challenges being energy efficiency(turbines, wind power, and coal gassification), emissions reductions, and potable water creation(desalination plants).

GE embraces engineers which is good because they are going to be the ones that are going to solve global problems. The World is Flat discusses the ineffectiveness and lack of visionary US politicians because they are mostly lawyers and career politicians that don’t understand the problems and they certainly don’t understand how to solve them. They just know how to create laws that get in the way. Indian and Chinese governments are all engineers and that’s why they have accelerated so quickly through the industrialization process and thats why they will continue to do so. Just 4% of US college graduates walk away with engineering degrees as opposed to 20% in China. And thats 20% of a very large number compared to 4% of a relatively small number.

Green is the new red, white and blue. We have to get past the unwanted labels of liberal and tree-hugger and make it American. GE is doing their part and more companies will follow not because it is the nice thing to do but because there is an economic future in it. Its the smart thing to do.



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