Things to do list

A couple of years ago I watched an interview with Charles Barkley and he said something to the effect that if he would have written down everything he wanted to accomplish in life he wouldn’t have dreamed up the list that he ended up living. I am not a Charles Barkley fan by any stretch of the imagination but it inspired me to make a list of things wanted to do before I died.
The List

I recently went back to that list to see how much (or little) progress I had made in the past two years. I can now cross the following things off that list.

Go Scuba Diving……. Cozumel
Sing a song at the top of my lungs with some friends at a bar……. 21st birthday
Take a picture with a longhorn……. Halftime of a football game
Go to a football game at Kyle Field……. 40-29W!
Go to an Army-Navy football game……. 42-23 Navy, Lincoln Financial, Philadelphia, PA
Go Skiing in shorts……. actually boxers Spring Break 2004
Go to a College Football National Championship game(Hopefully a UT win)……. Hit this one on the head
Grow a beard……. Spring Break 2006, close enough…



2 Responses to “Things to do list”

  1. BB Says:

    Things To Do this Semester:
    Bleach my hair again
    Go Hunting (really????? – I’d love to!)
    Graduate from College
    Ride in a Hotair balloon
    Go fly fishing in a remote stream
    Go Sky Diving

    Doesn’t Facebook Count?
    Approach a girl I have never met and ask her out

  2. niusonblox Says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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