NBA Officials are ridiculous

May 22, 2006

I wanted to get this blog in before game 7 of Spurs-Mavs so in the extraordinary event that the Spurs do pull it off my points won't be labeled sore-loser. In fact I first decided to point out the deficiencies in the NBA's officiating after the Mavs went up 3-1. The fact is NBA officials are the worst officials of any league in any sport. They are taking the focus away from the players and I don't remember the NBA being like that growing up.

My man Mark Cuban has been fined numerous times for hundreds of thousands of dollars for pointing out how bad these guys suck and I can't blame him. If I invested a few hundred million dollars and officials weren't making the game fair I would be paranoid as well. Cuban decided to study and scout the refs and find tendencies in the way they operated. He breaks down their win-loss records and their tendencies to call offensive 3 seconds, defensive 3 seconds, offensive fouls, technical fouls, etc. Vegas has caught on. Sports handicappers have made the NBA the one and only league where the refs are taken into consider when making picks. has a database compiling NBA ref tendencies and how they do against the spread and the over/under.

Cuban recently got hammered for $200,000 in part for his blog on how the NBA could improve playoff officiating. In my opinion he didn't even get his moneys worth because his arguments are flawed. He frequently states that the game has made changes in the way it is officiated and is much better now than when he came into the league six years ago. I disagree, I don't remember the game ever being so horrible although I don't think that is a direct result of Cuban at all. Also in his plan for better playoff officiating he suggests using only the best refs. Well in this Mavs-Spurs series we've had some of the better refs Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford and every game has still been horrible. Its pathetic that the game has gotten to the point that officials are such a focus.

The fans are noticing too its not just crazy owners and degenerate gamblers. This round in games at both San Antonio and Miami the refs have chanted "Refs You Suck" to the point where you could here it on the telecast. The game is so inconsistently officiated that I feel like I know so little about sport when I watch it. Don't anger yourself as I do and slow motion replay drives to the basket because its travelling every time and they never are going to call it. Contact going to the basket is called so inconsistently. One time a guy will go to the rack and get slammed to the floor and nothing is called and the next trip down the court Duncan will get a three point play because Diop breathed on him. But it goes both ways, the Mavs got one on Bowen's phantom foul that sent Dirk to the line at the end of the game.

I don't know what the solution is. Hockey had a problem with officiating when they had 3 refs and they tried to solve it by adding a fourth. Maybe the NBA should add a fourth ref. Would that solve the problem? I don't know. But obviously something must be done.



Manu Ginobli is a chump

May 17, 2006

Off the top of my head I can not think of a player that annoys me more than Manu Ginobili. Watching him play makes me genuinely angry. The Spurs-Mavs rivalry is really coming to blossom in this playoff series but Ginobili ruins it for me. See I respect the Spurs, their coach, their players, and their three championships but I have absolutely no respect for Manu Ginobili. Players like Ginobili will ruin the NBA and American sports in general.

There are athletes in sports I don't/haven't liked: Terrell Owens, Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, but Manu Ginobili takes the cake. Other athletes may involve themselves in antics or allow themselves to be coaxed into making cocky statements in the media. For those reasons I dislike certain players but for me with Ginobili its more than dislike its a loss of respect. Before I wrote this blog I did a quick Ice Rocket search to take the temperature of the Blogosphere on this specific topic and I found that I'm not the only one who feels this way. (1,2,3,4)

For some reason a lot of international sports (read soccer) feel that flopping has a place in the sports world. In my opinion its horrible sportsmanship but I'll admit that excuse sounds kind of weenie. Its more than that, its the fact that you are trying to manipulate officials which is especially easy to do in the NBA (more to come on this in a future blog) because you can't get it done . In a pick up game Manu Ginobili would be last picked because his secret weapon would be nullified.

Early this year the Sun's Barbosa was out 3 weeks with a grade 2 knee sprain because he got tripped up after Ginobili flailed when there was absolutely no contact. Barbosa complained to the media after the game but how he resisted losing his temper and going nuts of Manu right there on the court I don't know. It's one thing to manipulate the situation to get a call but its something else to hurt somebody because of it. Sooner or later Ginobili is going to get what's coming to him. I found that karma caught up with him when he was called for a foul when his lip was busted in Game 3 drawing blood.

Now Ginobili has this commercial out that is one of the I Love This Game NBA commercials. Notice three things. First when he is driving Wallace jumps up to contend the take to the hoop but what he doesn't know is that Ginobili has no intention of putting up a shot. Ginobili pushes off Wallace with his right arm forcing his own body to the floor. This is a six foot six inch man who can dunk but does not clear 6 inches on this peculiar jump. The second thing to notice is that at the end of the clip all the players seem to be walking to the other end of the court as if the play was ruled an offensive foul on Ginobili. Third a quote from Confuscious is read and then flashed on the screen that says "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall". I think that is a misquote. What Confuscious meant to say is "Manu's greatest hypocrisy is not in always flopping but in rising every time he flops."

The NBA refs have grown a little bit smarter, I know shocking, but now when they see it there is sometimes just a no call. The NHL had this problem about ten years ago when all of the Euros started coming over taking dives left and right. The way they corrected it was they started making it a major penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and two in one game gets you ejected. The NBA ought to start accessing a Technical Foul to Ginobli for this nonsense.


Oil and ExxonMobil

May 15, 2006

I recently was emailed a chain-letter attempting to organize a boycott of ExxonMobil gas stations in an attempt to bring down the price of gas. About a week later I ran across a Story on the Drudge Report of a Judge in Bee County, Texas who was trying to rally support for a county wide boycott of ExxonMobil. I am embarassed for this people because they simply have not done their homework. These boycotts will not work nor have they worked in the past and I think the hope that they will work are rooted in some misnomers in the averge person's understanding of how the Oil industry works. Read the rest of this entry »

May 1, 2006 is the new biggest thing you can tell everyone you heard it here first. is going to be bigger than Napster, bigger than Kazaa, this is going to be huge. Last week my brother sent me an email about a website that allows you to create your own radio station. I looked into it and what I discovered was the smartest innovation I have seen in a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

NFL Draft and VY

April 20, 2006

Dear NFL GMs,

With the NFL draft a little over a week away I have some thoughts. I will focus mostly on my thoughts around Vince Young. This year’s criticism of Vince Young is not unique to Vince Young. Every year before the draft people totally forget about how a player performed on the football field and they start making crazy decisions based on crazy criteria. I’ve always thought if you are an NFL GM you should make up your mind on football players on January 4th because by the time April rolls around you will have been distracted by a bunch of nonsense and you will have forgotten how a player performs on the field. Read the rest of this entry »

Explosion of wannabe Longhorns

April 14, 2006

To continue on my list of blogs attempting to prove that Mack Brown is worth every penny he gets and deserves more, the Dallas Morning News ran an article this week about the explosion in high school applications that followed the Rose Bowl win over USC. Applications rose 14% to over 27,000. Even Texas A&M's assistant provost for enrollment claims the explosion in applicants was "definetely a Rose Bowl effect." I am still craving the numbers for increases in alumni giving and merchandise sales. All these millions he brings in, all these great students, yet people are going to bitch about a $300,000 raise.


Bloggerific Irony

April 10, 2006

In previous blogs I have mentioned how I am a huge fan of Mark Cuban, billionaire founder of and current owner of the Dallas Mavericks. I read his blog pretty religiously. Everytime I get on a computer, which is probably on average 7 or 8 times a day, I instinctively check a list of websites. My gmail, the Dallas Morning News, the SportSay blog,,,,, and of course Mark Cuban's blog

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The switchover to WordPress

April 7, 2006

So I decided to switch blog publishing systems from Google owned Blogger to WordPress. There are some new features that I think are pretty cool…

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DVR, TiVo and the future of TV

March 22, 2006

At the beginning of the fall semester I decided it was time I had to get a DVR. My roomate and I split the cost which is a whooping $7/month. It has probably been the best investment I have ever made and I will never be able to live without one again. My parents have satellite and they get free PVR with their service, basically the same thing. That is where I first learned about it while living at home during breaks. I am not going to try and sell you on its greatness. If you don't already know you will soon enough.

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Texas Football Program Revenue

February 21, 2006

Ironically enough after I wrote that blog about Mack Brown's salary bump ESPN The Magazine ran a story detailing the amount of money college athletic programs bring. My claim that the athletic department brings in over $80 million is probably a bit high. According to the story last year the Texas football program brought in the most revenue and was also the most profitable bringing in $53.2 million in revenue of which $38.7 million was profit. While I knew the revenue was in that ballpark I didn't think the profit was anywhere near that high. Again, going back to Mack's salary of less than $3 million dollars. The greatest ambassador to our university comes in and turns a profit of $38.7 million dollars and people bitch that he gets $2.5 million. I find that humorous.

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Education: My Take

February 7, 2006

The Daily Texan is having a series of editorials about education. I have some strong opinions and I thought I'd throw out my two cents on the matter. For those of you who don't know I grew up going to DISD schools until high school. To be completely honest I went to St Rita, a private parochial school for 3rd and 4th grade which I absolutely hated but I will get to that more later. I went to high school in Coppell which is the epitome of suburbia. So when it comes to education I have pretty much run the gamut. Inner city schools, private schools, and white washed suburban schools.
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“Way over Paid” Mack Brown

February 6, 2006

After some bad headlines I want to set the record straight and voice some of my opinions. The Daily Texan's headline read 'Mack Brown gets $2.5 million dollar raise'. That is not accurate and this may seem tedious but I think that is very misleading. He received a raise and NOW his salary is $2.5 million. Getting a $300,000 raise to increase your salary from $2.2 million to $2.5 million is much different then getting a $2.5 million dollar raise. If that were the case he would now make $4.7 million and he would be the highest paid coach at the college level.

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Update: Back to my old ways

January 31, 2006

Back in April I blogged about my SIOC eBay business. For those that didn't read it basically I sold the free Sports Illustrated on Campus' that come in the school newspaper on eBay. Well that business came and went. They don't put them out over the summer (I was in Houston anyways), and when I got back all excited to get things popping again they decided to only put them in the bin in front of Gregory Gym. I decided to scrap the whole project and move on. It was no longer worth the effort although it risk free.

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12th Man Garbage

January 31, 2006

PTI is probably my favorite show and arguably the best sports show ever. I've been watching for years and to my knowledge they have never discussed Texas A&M or any of the ignorance, until now. This whole situation claiming they have a trademark on the 12th man is ridiculous. Wilbon went on a rant calling the Aggies insufferable, arrogant, and stupid and said that someone needs to go down to ATM and tell them all to shut up. Way to make your way into the news Texas A&M.

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Bush links

January 24, 2006

Here are links to the two instances I talked about where Reggie Bush loses his cool.

Fresno State Swing

Rose Bowl Swing

I was wrong Bush actually swung at Cedric Griffin who I'd probably mess with after Larry Dibbles because you never know… the guy could be packing heat.


Hey Slovenia

January 23, 2006

There is a feature you can enable that allows people to comment on your blogs. I left it on not thinking it would ever be used. Well it has been used in response to my blog about kickers:

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Rose Bowl Extra Point: You be the judge

January 22, 2006

After furth review…
The Link

Kick in the Ass

January 18, 2006

That’s it. I am convinced. There is no way you can convince me otherwise. Kickers are the most mentally weak athletes on the planet. I came to this conclusion Sunday when Mike Vanderjagt, the NFL’s all time best kicker, missed the game winning kick wide right. It wasn’t just that he didn’t put it through the uprights; he didn’t even hit the back net. It wasn’t even slightly close. Read the rest of this entry »

Rose Bowl breakdown

December 26, 2005

January 4th 2006 I realized that reality produces the most intriguing stories possible. If a movie came out where: two teams ranked #1 and #2 for the duration of the season, the Heisman winner came from the favorite and the runner up came from the underdog, the game was played in the most famous bowl in the country in the backyard of the favorite, the underdog and Heisman runner-up overcame a 12 point deficit in the final 6 minutes of the fourth quarter on a touchdown run on 4th and 5 with 19 seconds to play the movie would be ripped by the critics for being too unbelievable. That movie would be ridiculous but the reality of the situation is you can purchase that movie right now.

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Greg Davis

December 26, 2005

I haven’t blogged in over 3 months, mostly because school got real busy down the stretch but I told myself I’d get back at it during the break. This blog is to vindicate the rumors about University of Texas Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis. Darrell Royal always jokes that students graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in their major and a degree in offensive coordinating. I am here to say play calling is about one hundred times harder than most people think it is.

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